Te Puke , Bay Of Plenty


List of services we provide.
Exterior House Cleaning
We use a bio-degradable product to clean your house by the Soft wash method. We will hose off afterwards so there is no residue. This will leave your house sparkling clean.
Growing Grass in Your Spouting
We can clean them out so that the water can get away and not overflow into the soffit and then down your walls.
Cleaning Your Concrete or Paved Drive, Decks, Paths etc

We will spray your drive, paths & decks. Leaving them for a short period we will then use a Whirlaway water blaster to bring them back to looking new again.

Using the new technology of a Whirlaway machine this does away with the older method of water blasting that leaves wand marks everywhere.

Does Your Roof Like This????
We can spray your roof with Mould Kill. This will attach itself to the lichen and any moss on the roof and then will wash away with the rain. It may take 6 to 9 months to weather off.
Installation of Bird Spikes

Do you have birds defecating on your Office Block, Workshop, Farm Buildings, down-pipes, cars, boats.

By installing Bird Spikes – Your cleaning time would be drastically reduced.